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Cemetery Care When You Can't Be There
Barron Cemetery (Northeast of Vaughn, Arkansas)
Bayless Cemetery (Gateway, Arkansas)
Bella Vista Cemetery (Bella Vista, Arkansas
Benton County Memorial Park  (Rogers, Arkansas)
Bentonville Cemetery (Bentonville, Arkansas)
Bethel Cemetery (South of Gravette, Arkansas)
Bland Cemetery (Rogers, Arkansas)
Bluff Cemetery (Springdale, Arkansas)
Burkshed Cemetery (South of War Eagle, Arkansas-Washington County)
Butler Creek (Sulpher Springs, Arkansas)
Buttrams Chapel Cemetery (Southeast of Pea Ridge, Arkansas)
Cave Springs Cemetery (Cave Springs, Arkansas)
Centerton Cemetery (Centerton, Arkansas)
Clifty Cemetery (Clifty, Arkansas in Madison County)
Combs Cemetery (Combs, Arkansas in Madison County)
Coffelt Cemetery (west of Vaughn, Arkansas)
Daniel Cemetery (North of Pleasant Cemetery, Hiwasse, Arkansas)
Decatur Cemetery (Decatur, Arkansas)
Douglas Cemetery (West of Cave Springs, Arkansas)
Dug Hill Cemetery  (Bella Vista, Arkansas)
Elm Springs Cemetery  (Elm Springs, Arkansas)
Eureka Springs Cemetery (Eureka Springs, Arkansas)
Fairmont Cemetery (West of Springtown, Arkansas)
Fairview Memorial Gardens (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
Falling Springs (West of Decatur, Arkansas)
Farmington Cemetery (Farmington, Arkansas)
Friendship Cemetery (East of Springdale, Arkansas)
Frisco Springs Cemetery (Springdale, Arkansas)
Forrest Park Cemetery (Outside Sprindale, Arkansas)
G.A. R. (Sulpher Springs, Arkansas)
Gateway Cemetery (Gateway, Arkansas)
Gentry Cemetery (Gentry, Arkansas)
Georgia Flats (West of Gravette, Arkansas)
Green Lawn Cemetery (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
Goad Springs Cemetery (West of Lowell, Arkansas)
Hart Cemetery (Bentonville, Arkansas)
Hickman Cemetery (West of Pea Ridge, Arkansas
Hickory Creek Cemetery (Hickory Creek, Arkansas)
Highfill Cemetery (Highfill, Arkansas)
Hillcrest  Cemetery ( Gravette, Arkansas)
Jane Cemetery (Jane, Missouri)
Joyce Cemetery
King Cemetery (North of Seligman, Missouri)
LaRue Cemetery (North of LaRue, Arkansas)
Lee Cemetery (West of Gravette, Arkansas)
Liberty Cemetery (Southeast of Garfield, Arkansas)
Little Flock Cemetery (Little Flock, Arkansas)
Lutheran Cemetery (Springdale, Arkansas)
Maplewood Cemetery (Exeter, Missouri)
McCord Cemetery (Elkins, Arkansas)
McDaniel Cemetery (South of Rogers, Arkansas)
Martin Cemetery (North of LaRue, Arkansas)
Maysville Cemetery (Maysville, Arkansas)
Mt. Comfort Cemetery (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
Mt. Hebron Cemetery (Southwest of Rogers, Arkansas)
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (West of Hiwasse, Arkansas)
Mt. Eden/Maxwell Cemetery (Bentonville Arkansas)
National Cemetery (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
New Salem Cemetery (Seligman, Missouri)
Noel Cemetery (Noel, Missouri)
Oak Grove Cemetery (South of Rogers, Arkansas)
Oak Hill Cemetery (Siloam Springs, Arkansas)
Oakland Cemetery (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
Oakley Chapel Cemetery (Rogers, Arkansas)
Paces Chapel Cemetery (North of Brightwater, Arkansas)
Pea Ridge Cemetery (Pea Ridge, Arkansas)
Peace Valley Cemetery (North of Anderson, Missouri)
Phillips Cemetery (North of Cave Springs, Arkansas)
Pineville Cemetery (Pineville, Missouri)
Pleasant Grove Cemetery (Southwest of Rogers, Arkansas)
Prairie Grove Cemetery (Prairie Grove, Arkansas)
Pratt Cemetery (North of Brightwater, Arkansas)
Rambo Cemetery (North of Lookout, Arkansas)
Rogers Cemetery (Rogers Arkansas)
Roller/Gateway Ridge (Southeast of Gateway, Arkansas)
Ruddick Cemetery (East of Garfield, Arkansas)
Scott Cemetery (Seligman, Missouri)
St. Vincent Catholic Cemetery (North of Rogers, Arkansas)
Walnut Hill Cemetery (East & North of Avoca, Arkansas)
Wann Cemetery (Gravette, Arkansas)
War Eagle Cemetery (War Eagle, Arkansas)
Weddington Cemetery (outside Fayetteville, Arkansas)
West Fork Cemetery (West Fork, Arkansas)
Wilson Cemetery (East of Springdale, Arkansas)
White oak Cemetery (Tontitown, Arkansas)
Wardlaw Cemetery (Brightwater, Arkansas)
Woolsey Cemetery (Springdale, Arkansas)
Zion Cemetery
Zinnamon Cemetery (West Fork, Arkansas)

Now you can make sure your love is expressed even when you are
unable to vist your loved one’s resting place.  Stockdale-Moody
Funeral Services has teamed with a leading producer of UV
resistant flower arrangements to offer flowers for cemeteries.  
These flowers are made of high quality materials and do not fade
in harsh weather.

Once you  have selected your arrangement and placed your order
by May 11th, Stockdale-Moody Funeral Serivces will personally
place your arrangement at the desired cemetery that is within thirty
miles of the Bentonville-Rogers area.  Flowers will be placed
prior to Memorial Day, May 25th.  After placing your flowers, we
will take a photogaph of your arrangement and will email or text
you a copy, if you wish.  We offer this service to all, not just the
families we have served.  You may choose from the selection
shown below.  The price listed is complete and includes the
arrangement, placement, photo and taxes.  

In order to insure placement by Memorial Day, all orders must be
placed no later than May 11th.  Please call with any questions or
to place your order.  

Large vase $75.00 and each additional is $37.50
Small Vase $60.00  and each additional is $30.00
Saddle $85.00 and each additional is $42.50