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Stockdale-Moody Funeral Services is a full-service funeral home where we serve all faiths and people from all walks of life.  Each person is an individual with unique personalities and wishes.  We strive to ensure that each service uniquely matches the individual.  Included in our offerings are:

  • Traditional funeral service with body present
  • Viewing and visitation at location of your choice
  • Memorial service with no body present
  • Cremation services
  • Embalming
  • Transportation services
  • Funeral products (caskets, vaults, etc.)
  • Notification of the following at no charge
    • Social security
    • Veteran's administration
    • Life insurance companies
  • Grief counseling and support
  • Memorial folders for the services
  • Personalization of service and funeral products

When a death occurs, we will be by your side to serve you.  We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  However, please consider the following:

  • Death in a Medical Facility:
    When the death occurs at a hospital or nursing home, the medical staff will notify Stockdale-Moody Funeral Services
  • Anticipated Death at Home:
    In this situation, notify Hospice that Stockdale-Moody Funeral Services is the funeral home of your choice.  Many times when someone has a terminal illness, the family will elect to plan ahead with us so that they are not overwhelmed with the many important decisions at the time of death.
  • Unanticipated Death at Home or Elsewhere:
    In these situations, immediately call 911.  The emergency medical personnel will then determine the appropriate steps to be taken.
  • Death out of State:
    If death occurs outside of Arkansas, you should call Stockdale-Moody Funeral Services at any time of day or night.  We can coordinate having your loved one transferred back home.

Funeral Service Oath by which We Abide

"I do solemnly state; by that which I hold most sacred:

  • That I shall be loyal to the funeral service profession, and just and generous to its members;
  • That I shall lead my life and practice my art in uprightness and honor;
  • That I shall not let the constant relationship and familiarity with death give me cause to yield to carelessness, or to violate my obligation to society or to the dignity of my profession;
  • That I shall abstain from every voluntary act of misconduct and corruption;
  • That I shall obey the civil laws;
  • That I shall not divulge professional confidences;
  • And that I shall be faithful to those who have placed their trust in me.

While I continue to keep this oath unviolated, may it be granted to me to enjoy honor, in my life and in my profession, and may I be respected for all time."

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