Suggestions on how to help a grieving family?
Years ago when a death occurred, the local church bell would ring to announce
the death and the entire community would begin making preparations for the
days ahead.  Someone would labor to make the casket, ladies would gather to
cook meals to support and comfort the family, and folks would gather flowers
and freshen up the church for the services, and still others would see about the
cemetery.  These things were done to strengthen the family, the community, and
help with the healing process during the time of grief.  
Today, in our busy society, with families spread across states, and even
countries, we are often unable to be present physically, even though our hearts
long to do something to show we care.   We still have the basic need to help.   
Here are a few things that can easily be done (even if you are next door, or miles
away) with a phone call to our concierge services.  
You can now send a wonderful hot meal, a beautiful sandwich tray or even a
lovely dessert right to the residence, prepared and ready to eat.   Our concierge
services will assist you in your selection and take care of all the details.  
You can select a fresh arrangement to send to a funeral or memorial service or
even to the home with just a phone call to our staff.  
You can send fresh or silk flowers to the cemetery throughout the year and our
staff will assist you with the order, place the arrangement on your loved one’s
grave and even take a photo that we will email back to you.  
You can offer to pay a hotel stay for out of town guest’s that will be attending the
funeral to perhaps ease the financial burden for those that must travel.  Our
website or concierge service can direct you to hotels that offer bereavement
discounts to families.
Make a donation to the memorial fund that the family has requested, the
foundations and addresses can be found in the obituary on our obituary page.
Send an online condolence message to the family by clicking on “Send
Condolence,”  we will see that it is printed and given to the family, as we do all
messages and cards that we receive on behalf of a family.

Above all, just let them know how much you care through their journey of grief.  
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